AOL Desktop Gold Address Book has Disappeared

AOL Desktop Gold package has become a favorite of this UN agency are mistreatment it. There square measure several advantages of mistreatment this package and therefore the best feature that AOL Gold has got to supply is that the system of address books, wherever one will simply save all the contacts. Associate in a Nursing address book of the package is largely a memory folder wherever one will save all the necessary dates Associate in Nursing events of an individual’s life. it’s rather like a diary however on an internet platform. The Address book will be seen because the most vital feature of this package for a few folks, because it acts as a store, wherever one will save their emails, birth dates, anniversaries and different events. however because of some technical errors within the package or because of some carelessness, the address books get disappeared or misplaced. It will simply be retrieved back by some troubleshooting steps. And if you discover that the steps don’t persuade be effective, then there should be a significant issue with the package and you’ll strive with the pis aller that transfers AOL Desktop Gold once more. This typically happens in AOL mail, once the contacts get misplaced because of any given reason. Sometimes, the users don’t transfer the package properly at the initial stage and this might cause problems at any given purpose.

AOL Desktop Gold Address Book has Disappeared

How to Recover AOL’s Desktop Gold Address Book is Missing

You can strive for the given solutions to recover back the address book. the primary methodology talks concerning however you’ll find it out through the class and therefore the different once Address book file screen name gets broken, and you would like to mend it.

Method 1. Dynamic the class listing within the Address book.

  • Click on the AOL Toolbar then on Mail menu and afterward navigate to the Address book.
  • Select the acceptable class listing as per the need.
  • Check that that each one contacts square measure elect.

Method 2. To mend the Address Book files screen name

You need to delete the files from the AOL package that square measure is broken. Don’t worry, the package mechanically takes a backup and can produce a replacement one. The contacts and addresses won’t get deleted.

  • Attend the beginning menu and select all files.
  • Currently within the search bar kind “Your screen name. ab*
  • Click on the search button then delete the file that has broken screen name
  • Repeat the steps for all the files.
  • Restart the system then open AOL package to visualize whether or not the perplexity has been resolved.

If these 2 solutions don’t assist you to recover the lost address book or the missing contacts from AOL package, then the most effective issue that’s suggested and you’ll do is to initial uninstall the program and therefore the install AOL Gold within the system once more. this could surely assist you to resolve the problem.

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